Member News about Lynne Murphy. Kory Stamper, Sarah Ogilvie, Vincent McCarren, and job opportunities at Cambridge University Press

Conferences: details of our 2021 remote conference and Lise Winer’s list of other meetings

DSNA: Wendalyn Nichols’s Publication Committee report, news about our new forum and payment system, and Sarah Ogilvie’s Globalex reports

Journal Transition: greetings from Lynne Murphy and appreciation of Edward Finegan

Collection of Rachel Fletcher, winner of the David Murray Book Collecting Prize

Dictionaries: a new column by Janet DeCesaris

Biography of John Morse by Peter Sokolowski

Book Preservation by Michael Hancher

Education: instruction in dictionaries by Anne Curzan

History: a new column by Michael Adams

State of Lexicography: Defining Moments by Orin Hargraves

Quotations: Ships that Pass in the Night by Elizabeth Knowles

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