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Current issue:  Dictionaries 41.2

Editor: Edward Finegan


Editorial – Edward Finegan

The Contribution of Angelina Parker to the English Dialect DictionaryJavier Ruano-García

A Fair Road for Stumps: Language Ideologies and the Making of the Dictionary of American English and the Dictionary of AmericanismsMichael Adams

First Citations and First Occurrences: How Sensitive to Language Change Were Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Dictionaries?Don Chapman, Amanda Fronk, and Mark Davies

Forum: Vernacular Lexicographies

Traversing Lexicographical Borderlands: Introduction to Forum on Vernacular LexicographiesOrión Montoya

T-Shirt LexicographyAnnette Klosa-Kückelhaus and Lotta Stähr

Dictionary, Shaped: Artists’ Books and LexicographyLindsay Rose Russell

A Glossary of Words and Phrases “Peculiar to the United States”: The Aims and Strategies of John Russell Bartlett’s Dictionary of AmericanismsRosemarie Ostler

Polish Translations of The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose BierceMirosław Bańko

“A Lay Lexicographer”: On Codifying the Dictionary of SpanglishIlan Stavans

Vernacular Lexicography in African Languages: From Early Days to the Digital AgeDion Nkomo

How to Catch Your Unicorn: Defining Meaning in Ælfric’s Glossary, the Oxford English Dictionary, and Urban DictionaryAnnina Seiler


Madeline Kripke 1943–2020: In MemoriamJonathon Green


Origin of Kibosh, by Gerald Cohen, Stephen Goranson, and Matthew Little; The Life of Guy: Guy Fawkes, the Gunpowder Plot, and the Unlikely History of an Indispensable Word, by Allan Metcalf; On the Study of Words, by Richard Chenevix Trench (review) – Michael Adams

Describing Prescriptivism: Usage Guides and Usage Problems in British and American English, by Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade (review) – Don Chapman

Poetry & the Dictionary, edited by Andrew Blades and Piers Pennington (review) – D. A. Lockhart

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