Membership of the DSNA Publications Committee

Wendalyn Nichols

The remit of the publications committee of the Dictionary Society of North America is to act collectively as the publisher of the Society’s journal, newsletter, and website. On the content side, this includes supporting the editors in the process of acquisition of articles and reviews for publication – recommending contributors and works for review, facilitating the peer review of submissions, and acting as a sounding board. On the business side, it still includes supporting the journal’s print publication, negotiating with the printer as necessary and overseeing redesigns, but the attention of the members is increasingly on our digital future: of the newsletter on the Society’s website, and of the journal via Project Muse – especially as we strive to meet the requirements for more prestigious indexing and for Open Access.

The standing members of the committee are:

  • Chair
  • Executive Secretary of the Society
  • Editor of Dictionaries, the journal of the Society
  • Reviews editor and any other associate editors of the journal
  • Editor of the Society’s newsletter
  • Other members at large with particular interest and expertise.

The committee meets quarterly by video conference; and there is an extended meeting at each biennial Meeting of the DSNA – in-person for all the members who are able to attend. There is no set number of members at large, and they do not have fixed terms. The President of the Society has been a member in recent years, but this is not stipulated in any bylaws – nor, in fact, is the composition of the committee itself.

A majority of the members of the committee have now served for at least four years, and some have served many more. However, the membership is undergoing a larger transition in 2021:

  • As of January 1, we welcomed Lynne Murphy as the new Editor of Dictionaries, the DSNA journal. She succeeds Ed Finegan, who has stepped down from the committee as he prepares to take on the presidency of the Society.
  • Elizabeth Knowles, Dictionaries Editor emerita, and current President of the DSNA, will step down from the committee when her term ends. When Ed becomes the next President, he will not rejoin the committee.
  • Kory Stamper will also step down from the committee.

The committee members who will remain are:

Wendalyn Nichols, Chair

Lynne Murphy, Editor, Dictionaries

Traci Nagle, Reviews Editor, Dictionaries

Sarah Ogilvie, Associate Editor, Dictionaries

David Jost, Editor, DSNA Newsletter

Janet DeCesaris, Member-at-large

Michael Hancher, Member-at-large

The Chair and members of the committee would like to invite anyone interested in joining the committee as a member-at-large to contact the Executive Secretary at to make your interest known. We would particularly welcome anyone with expertise in website publishing, Open Access, and/or scholarly journal indexing requirements to support us as we build on the great work done by members of the committee in the last decade to assure the digital future of our publications.

New Member Forum

A month ago, Yahoo, which has been hosting our listserv for the last several years, alerted all of its listserv administrators that it is discontinuing that service as of December 15. Emails to the listserv address will no longer be sent to the list’s membership.

Because of this, we have moved the DSNA members-only forum to our own website! If you are a member in good standing, use your member login credentials at: to access and post on our new members-only forum. We have migrated some of the more recent posts to the forum, and will attempt to clean up and migrate the full archive of yahoogroup posts to the new forum as time permits.

Tim Stewart, a DSNA member, has graciously offered to moderate the forum. If you have any questions about posting or cross-posting, contact him at

If you have any problems logging in, please double-check that your membership is current; contact us at for membership-related questions.

New Membership Pay Method

The second change has to do with how we process member payments. Due to steep increases in the fees that PayPal and WildApricot charge us to process payments, we have decided to switch payment platforms and save money there rather than pass those increases along to our members. This means that all automatic renewals currently in our system will have to be cancelled and reinstated on the new payment platform. We know this is a hassle, and will remind you when we send our our standard renewal letter that you will need to sign up for automatic renewals once more this year. If you have any questions about this, email the office at and we’ll help get your renewal sorted.

Globalex Reports

Sarah Ogilvie



The Globalex Management Committee (MC) met virtually on 8 July, 17 August and 15 September. This report summarizes the major items discussed and the actions taken, combining the contents by topic.

Representatives. Sarah Ogilvie has taken over from Ed Finegan as the representative for DSNA. Sarah is based in Oxford, UK, which will facilitate bridging across time zones for online meetings where all representatives can be present.

Registration. All the associations signed the forms necessary for registering Globalex as a non-profit organization, and Globalex has now been formally registered in the Netherlands with the help of Tanneke Schoonheim.

Regulations. Following registration as a legal entity, the associations have agreed upon and signed a set of regulations defining the aims, actions and management of Globalex.

Conferences and workshops

  • Afrilex have not yet made a decision about rescheduling their 2020 conference in 2021, so it is not yet known if they will host the Globalex workshop on pedagogical lexicography.
  • Asialex have postponed their 2020 conference until 12 – 14 June 2021.
  • AustraLex 2021 will be held virtually 1 – 2 September and will include a Globalex workshop on lexicography and neologisms.
  • DSNA 2021 has been cancelled and may be replaced by a one day virtual meeting.
  • eLex 2021 was planned to take place in Brno but may be cancelled or held virtually. Proceedings will still be published, with or without the conference, so a call for papers will go out.
  • Euralex has been postponed to 7 – 11 September 2021, with proceedings published in 2020 and 2021. Selected papers from the associated Globalex Workshop on Lexicography and Neology will be published as a special issue of the International Journal of Lexicography in 2021, and a partial workshop will be held virtually on 4 November 2020.

In memoriam. Tanneke Schoonheim (1965 – 2020), of the INT (Institute for the Dutch Language) and Executive Secretary of Euralex, passed away in August, and her warmth and generous expertise will be greatly missed. An obituary is available on the Globalex website:



The Globalex Management Committee (MC) met virtually on 6 October, 3 November and 8 December. This report summarizes the major items discussed and the actions taken, combining the contents by topic.

Association news

  • DSNA. A new forum for members will go online in a month’s time as part of the DSNA website. The DSNA journal Dictionaries will have a new editor from 1 January 2021: Lynne Murphy, University of Sussex.

Conferences and workshops

  • Afrilex will hold their 2021 conference online in June/July. A call for papers has been sent out.
  • DSNA’s 23rd biennial meeting will take place virtually on 4 June 2021.
  • The 20th Euralex conference will take place 12-16 July 2022, Mannheim, Germany (following the 19th conference, rescheduled for 7-12 September 2021).
  • Several papers from the second Globalex Workshop on Lexicography and Neology (planned as part of Euralex 2020) were presented online on 4 November with 70 participants. Videoclips are available from the workshop. See for workshop details and for video recordings.
  • A third Globalex workshop on Lexicography and Neology (with a focus on coronavirus-related neologisms) is planned in connection with AustraLex as a virtual event. The call for papers has been sent out.
  • Globalex supports the Translation Inference Across Dictionaries shared task and workshop (TIAD 2021) proposed for LDK (Language, Data and Knowledge), Zaragoza 14-15 June 2021.
  • Colleagues in Latin America began to discuss the establishment of a lexicography association for Central and South America and the Caribbean.
  • The Nordic Conference on Lexicography has been postponed to 27-29 April 2022, and the General Meeting (usually in conjunction with the conference) will held virtually in spring 2021.

Globalex as a legal entity

  • We now have the formal document confirming the legal status of Globalex as a non-profit organization registered by the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.