1. To make it easier to navigate the Newsletter the introduction will now contain a TOC to the various posts of the Newsletter.

2. Member News: Peter Chipman offers news that has been gathered about our members.

3. Conferences: Orin Hargraves announces the DSNA’s next conference and a Call for Papers, and Lise Winer lists conferences of interest.

4. DSNA: Elizabeth Knowles, our president, addresses our Society and Ed Finegan reports on Globalex. He also brings an interesting puzzle to our attention from a past issue of our Journal.

5. Dictionaries: We offer material on three major North American dictionary projects, the MED, DARE, and DOE.

6. Collections: David Vancil discusses the Library of Congress.

7. Madeline Kripke is memorialized by Jonathon Green, Michael Adams, and David Vancil.

8. Education: Katie Welch tells us how she uses dictionaries in the college classroom for sociolinguistic inquiry.

9. History: David Jost offers a history of the staff of the Middle English Dictionary.

10. State of Lexicography: Orin Hargraves tells us about his work on Encarta.

11. Quotations: Elizabeth Knowles looks at a timely quotation in the season of Covid-19.

12.  Publication Information on this issue of the Newsletter.