To facilitate navigation the introduction now contains a TOC that lists the various sections of the Newsletter.

2. Member News

3. DSNA: In this issue you will find the Globalex reports of April through December 2019.

4. Dictionaries: Joan Hall writes movingly of the wrap-up of DARE.

5. Collections: Linda C. Mitchell praises life at the British Library.

6. Education: Connie Eble discovers the reactions of children to a special dictionary.

7. History: Vincent T. McCarren describes his work editing a manuscript of the Medulla and Eugene Green compares works in Old and Middle English.

8. State of Lexicography: Orin Hargraves tells us how he has helped other lexicographers.

9. Quotations: Elizabeth Knowles looks at the background of the quotation on Agatha Christie’s tombstone.

10.  Publication Information on this issue of the Newsletter

11. Conferences: Orin Hargraves announces the DSNA’s next conference and Lise Winer lists conferences of interest.