A grateful editor thanks all who have contributed to this issue and looks forward to the future contributions of these and many more of you. This Newsletter reflects all that you are doing in the service of words and dictionaries. In this issue of the Newsletter, in addition to the usual features, you will find the first of what we hope will be a series of pieces on the state of lexicography. Orin Hargraves begins it with “The 21st Century Lexicographer.” Cynthia Barnhart contributes an addition to our historical knowledge with an article about the dictionary for the United States Army that  Clarence Barnhart compiled during World War II.  David Vancil draws on his vast experience to tell us about “Booksellers, Collectors, and Librarians: Building a Special Collection.” We also get a glimpse of the farewell to DARE accompanied by many photographs. And finally Orion Montoya sings to us.