A grateful editor thanks all who have contributed to this issue and looks forward to the future contributions of these and many more of you. This Newsletter reflects all that you are doing in the service of words and dictionaries. In this issue of the Newsletter, in addition to the usual features, you will find the second of what we hope will be a series of pieces on the state of lexicography: Jason Siegel’s “Lexicography in the French Caribbean: An assessment of future opportunities.“  I begin a series of articles on the history of the DSNA Newsletter. David Vancil draws on more of his vast experience to tell us about “Memories of Missouri & Collectors.” We also learn from Walter Hakala and his student Kerry Collins about his course in lexicography, one of a continuing series about teaching the subject. I hope that others of you who offer similar courses will contribute.

Something to which lexicographers can aspire: the Joseph Worcester house on Brattle Street, Cambridge, built in 1843