At the Conference three Society management meetings were held. Kory Stamper has provided reports of these meetings to the Society.

DSNA22 Exec Board Meeting:

Luanne von Schneidemesser, Lise Winer, Steve Kleinedler, Sarah Ogilvie, Kory Stamper Missing: Elizabeth Knowles, Ed Finegan, Anne Curzan, Stefan Dollinger, Peter Gilliver, David Jost

The DSNA Executive Board met at DSNA22 and heard a presentation given by Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, President of EURALEX, on the aims and goals of EURALEX. The Board agreed that, while the models for North American lexicography were certainly different from many models present in Europe, that the goals and vision of EURALEX to forefront lexicography in public discourse and in new commercial enterprises, and to secure funding for lexicographical projects nonetheless resonated with members of the Board. The Board thanks Dr. de Schryver for his presentation. (For more information on EURALEX, visit

The Executive Secretary then gave a Finance and Membership Report to the Board, which was also given at the general business meeting, and the Board then took up the discussion regarding DSNA23, and where it would be. Several options were being investigated, with a broader discussion about the aims and goals of the biennial meeting being discussed.

The Board discussed the report from the Membership Committee, which was dissolved at the recommendation of that committee. The Board will be undertaking some strategic planning for membership before reconvening the Membership Committee.

The Board thanked its outgoing officers for their service: Luanne von Schneidemesser as Past President, Steve Kleinedler as President, Stefan Dollinger as Member at Large, and Lise Winer as Member at Large. The Board also welcomed its new members: Ed Finegan as Vice-President (with Elizabeth Knowles being elevated to position of President and Steve Kleinedler being elevated to Past President), David Jost as Member at Large, and Anne Curzan as Member at Large.

DSNA22 PubCom Meeting:

Michel Hancher, Sarah Ogilvie, Ed Finegan, Traci Nagle, Janet DeCesaris, Wendi Nichols, Kory Stamper, Orion Montoya, Brianne Hughes. Missing: Elizabeth Knowles, David Jost (on phone Wendi is holding). Photo: Orion Montoya

The Publications Committee of the DSNA met at DSNA22 to discuss future plans for the journal. There are many changes coming to the academic journal landscape, including an EU resolution that requires all content published within academic journals be accessible via open access, and the Publications Committee spent time discussing how they could best start approaching this subject.

The Newsletter and Website were also discussed. There have been some behind-the-scenes changes taken to make our website more secure and more visible to online searches, and there are plans for expanding the members-only section of the site.

There was also a discussion regarding essay awards, or reviving the Urdang scholarship (which was exhausted several years back). Succession planning and future journals were also discussed.

DSNA22 General Business Meeting:

The Business Meeting for DSNA members took place on May 11, 2019, at the conclusion of DSNA22. There was excellent turnout from members and lively discussion.

Outgoing President Steve Kleinedler opened the meeting with a word of thanks to Michael Adams for hosting DSNA22, and to all who had attended to make the conference so successful.

Kory Stamper, the Executive Secretary of the DSNA, gave a brief overview of major changes that the DSNA has undergone in the two years since the DSNA21 conference in Barbados. Notably, the DSNA journal now publishes twice a year; the Society has a new website; the Society is using a better membership management system; and many behind-the-scenes pieces for better governance (liability insurance, updated accounting software, legal representation) have been put in place.

Stamper then gave a Finance and Membership Report. Financially, the Society is generally improving: the new membership software has increased our renewal rate, and the income we receive from Project MUSE is relatively steady. We have had new expenses to account for as well: notably, the aforementioned membership software, doubled expenses for producing twice as many journals a year as before, and website expenses. The goal of both the Executive Secretary and the Executive Board is to ensure that the Society stays on firm financial footing with an eye towards the future.

Our general membership has increased slowly over the last two years, which bucks the trend present for many small societies. We are still a small organization, however, and the Executive Board is undertaking casting a vision for future membership drives.

The venue for DSNA23 was discussed, with the Executive Secretary noting that we had not yet found a venue, but that the Board, and in particular the new President and Vice-President, were examining several different options, including a standalone conference, a co-located conference, and a “piggyback” conference (as was done for DSNA22 and DSNA20 with SHEL).


Executive Board:

Elizabeth Knowles, President

Steve Kleinedler, Past President

Ed Finegan, Vice-President

Kory Stamper, Executive Secretary

Peter Gilliver, Member at Large

Sarah Ogilvie, Member at Large

David Jost, Member at Large

Anne Curzan, Member at Large

Membership Committee: dissolved

Publications Committee:

Wendi Nichols, President

Ed Finegan, Journal Editor

Traci Nagle, Reviews Editor

Orion Montoya, Member/Associate Journal Editor

Sarah Ogilvie, Member/Associate Journal Editor

Elizabeth Knowles, Past Journal Editor, DSNA President

David Jost, Newsletter Editor/Website

Kory Stamper, Executive Secretary

Janet de Cesaris, Member

Michael Hancher, Member

Brianne Hughes, Member

Nominating Committee, 2018:

Connie Eble

Michael Hancher

Sarah Ogilvie

Katy Isaacs